Leaves and hot Water

Leaves and hot water. Mix these two in a bowl, a mug, a pot. Let them soak, sit, grow. Take a taste, a sip, a slurp, and let a sigh escape your lips. Now speak, listen, learn, and love. John Wetzel, the owner of Stone Leaf Teahouse in Middlebury, VT, believes these are the steps to making not only a good pot of tea, but lasting, communal relationships. For eight years, John has dedicated his life to something most of us only reach for only on a cold day, or when our throats are sore, or when we are in need of a moment of solitude – tea. Traveling across the world in search of nothing more than leaves and friendship, John reminds us that our relationships are grounded in more than the tangible parts of our lives. Our most instinctive passions are what truly bring us together.

This piece is dedicated to John Wetzel and to independent tea growers worldwide. To find out more about Stone Leaf Tea House, visit their page here.