Parker Ziegler

Hey, I'm Parker.

I am a software engineer and cartographer based in Seattle, WA. My passions lie at the intersection of software development, map making, storytelling, and community organizing. I currently spend a lot of my time working on open source tools to help others build better software and bring delightful experiences to their communities.

I also believe place shapes every part of who we are. Here are some of the places that have shaped me.

Now – Seattle, WABirthplace – Salt Lake City, UTLas Cruces, NMSchool – Middlebury, VTHome – Northampton, MA

What I'm Up To

I currently work with the wonderful and talented folks at Formidable, where I contribute to our open source work, build software for rad folks, and support my fellow developers in becoming better engineers and kinder people. Here are some of my recent pull requests.

Tools I Work With

I love the frontend JavaScript ecosystem and spend most of my days working with these lovely languages and tools.


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