I am a developer, engineer, cartographer, and data scientist. Currently, I work with the wonderful and talented folks at Formidable in Seattle as a software engineer, where I contribute to our open source work, build software for some of the world's largest companies, and support client engineering teams in leveling up. I specialize in the extended React and JavaScript ecosystems, including React NativeRedux, GraphQL, and Node.js. Prior to that I held positions at Integral GIS as a geospatial developer, Azavea as a Summer of Maps fellow, at National Geographic, and at the Arab American Association of New York. My passions lie at the intersection of software development and map making, and I believe deeply in the power of digital, data-driven technologies to change how we think about, relate to, and care for our communities. I am particularly interested in telling stories through software and maps that explore criminal justice reformmigrationclimate change, urban design, food security, and sustainable development. I believe strongly in the principle of open source data and software, and the open sharing of information to create collaborative digital communities. I am deeply committed to practicing self-reflexivity and exploring intersectional approaches in my software development and cartography. Fundamentally, I seek to create for good.

In addition to software development and cartography, I also have interests in radio documentary production, critical academic writing, sound design, visual art, and graphic design. If you are interested, please take some time to explore the rest of the website. If you would like to use any of the visualizations or maps for educational purposes, please contact me to obtain permission using the information listed on the Contact page. If you're curious about the code behind my visualizations, head to my Github page.